Registration is closing at 9 PM tonight

Just Tri 7 Mile Run

5K Fun Run

Free 1 Mile Kids /Adult Fun Run

Fort Steilacoom Park


May 13th, 10AM

Look for the big JUST TRI arch!

7 mile Participants will receive a Dragon Finisher Medal & T-Shirt.  5K participants will receive a Finisher medal.  All are welcome to refreshments!! 

TWO Medal Run!!!
ALL 7 Mile and 5K finishers will receive a "I love you Mom" Medal! 

All The Information: This will be the third of the JustTRI 7 mile run - the Dragon Series.  JustTRI has created 7 very unique finisher medals, in which the theme centers around dragon style designs.  When Athletes complete all seven, 7 mile runs they will have completed a “Dragon”.  Each medal, with it’s one of a kind shape, will fit together.  At the end of 2018, after completing 7 events, 49 miles, participants get to celebrate with a 1 mile “victory lap” at Fort Steilacoom Park, the location of the last of the 2018 Dragon Series.  Participants will receive a JustTRI “Dragon Series” medal holder.  Athletes can sign up for all seven, 7 mile races individually or sign up for 6 events at once and get the 7th for free.  7 miles is just a bit more than the normal 10K, but far more rewarding. 

All JustTRI 7 participants will receive a medal and JustTRI Finishers T-Shirt.  7 miles, per race, was chosen as the distance, because each mile stands for each letter of JustTRI.  The running events are meant to challenge runners and take advantage of the various venues of the local great running areas from Point Defiance to Olympia.  The courses will vary, but will all be good, solid running events and make use of road and multi-use public trails.  5K Fun Run - Held during each of the JustTRI 7 mile events.  We will have a great 5K run course as well.  The 5K course will be relatively fast, but we do like to throw in a hill or two.  No worries, it will be very doable for athletes of all caliber.  Several of our 5K’s have included the steepest hills the venue will allow, but this will be a moderate level course and fun for the whole family…Just Tri!  We invite the entire family to come enjoy the actives - JustTRI events always include various giveaways, refreshments and fun for everyone.   

Kids 1 Mile Run/ Walk:

This a free event. The walk is free, parents may join, pets: bring them along!  It will be flat and enjoyable. This race will start at the same time as the other events.  Please note to receive swag participants must enter the JustTRI 7 or 5K! 


Complimentary photos will be available – See our Web Site after the race!

JustTRI 7 Mile Run
$45.00All 7, JustTRI 7’s, pay for 6 and get the Series Final, Dragon #7 free:
$270.00 (includes all 7 run events)

5K Fun Run

Start time for all races:  10am


Date: May 13th, 2018  


All of the JustTRI 7 mile/ 5K events - Note the various locations!!!  

March 18th, Fort Steilacoom Park, Dragon #1

April 22nd, Dupont, Dragon #2

May 13th, FORT STEILACOOM PARK (not Lacey), Dragon #3 --- Change: This event will be at FORT STEILACOOM PARK!

Aug 19th, Tacoma, Dragon #4

Sept 16th, Fort Steilacoom Park Dragon #5 (JustTRI Half Marathon)

Nov 25th, Chambers bay, Dragon #6

Dec 8th, Fort Steilacoom Park, Dragon #7 – (Series Final, Jingle Bell Rock)  


Donations:  JustTRI is new Athletic Event Company and it's mission and goal is always to support Service Members and people who have cancer.  I have been served in the Army for my entire life and will always support the cause.  Cancer - you never see this coming - if you know what I mean - then you know what I mean.  So feel free to donate to our causes.  I don't have specific charity yet this year, however the charity will support the causes - Join me and make a difference today. 

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Registration closes tonight at 9PM